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Cantine Riondo Prosecco, Veneto, Italy.

Winner of the Grand Prix del Vino Italiano Best Prosecco 2010. Awarded 90 points by Robert Parker.

This sparkling wine is produced with the best Prosecco grapes, grown in the Veneto hills, in full respect of ancient traditions.

The method of production involves soft pressing of the grapes along with natural fermentation at a controlled temperature of 16° C for 10 days. The sparkle is obtained in tank at 16° C until a pressure of 2,5 bar is reached and then the wine is chilled.

This temperature is maintained until the moment of bottling.

Ageing: -

Colour: White with gold reflections. Fine and persistent perlage.

Nose: Fresh, fruity and aromatic.

Palate: Elegant, mellow and persistent.

Serving and conservation suggestions.

- Conservation temperature: 10° C
- Serving temperature: 7°/8°


10.5% Vol.

Variety: 100% Glera


Region: Vento Hills, Italy